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777Color Dual Agent Plan

777Color Dual-Agent Mode

  • 1. Agents can participate in both the Daily Settlement ("Daily Slots Commissions") and Monthly Settlement ("Monthly Profit Commissions") simultaneously.
  • 2. Substantial agent commissions are available for immediate withdrawal without waiting.

Agent Tasks

  • 1. Upon becoming a 777color agent, the Agent will receive a unique referral link and invitation code.
  • 2. The Agent is able to promote 777color on various social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Tiktok, Skype, Instagram, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp.
  • 3. Regardless of the member's wins or losses, the Agent will receive commissions with no upper limit, settled daily and available for immediate withdrawal.

777color Agent - Daily Slots Commissions (1) Daily Slots Commission Plan

Turnover / Valid Bets

Commission Rate




Slos Games,

Fishing Games

  • 1. Commissions are calculated as follows: Commission = Total Valid Bet Amount (previous day) x Commission Rate (1%)
  • 2. Example: If the downline bets 500,000P previous day in slots games and 200,000P in fishing games, the commission is 1% of the total, i.e., 7000P.
  • 3. Commissions will be added automatically before 12pm the next day
  • 4. Withdrawal will be processed within the day after verifications
  • 5. Minimum withdrawal : 100p

777Color Agent - Monthly Profit Commissions (2) Monthly Agent Commission Structure

Monthly Active Players

Monthly Players Netloss (NGR)

Commission %

2 & Above

₱1 - ₱10,000


₱10,001 - ₱250,000


₱250,001 - ₱400,000


₱400,001 - ₱700,000


> ₱700,001


Commission Calculation Formula

  • 1. Commission Calculation: Net Profit (NGR) x Commission Percentage
  • 2. Net Profit (NGR) = Players Profit & Loss(GGR) – Platform Operating Cost
  • 3. Platform Operating Cost consists of gaming vendor fees (6-12%), payment cost (5%) and bonus costs (5%)
  • 4. Commissions can be withdrawn no later than noon on the third day after system settlement.
  • 5. Minimum withdrawal: 100p

Eligibility and Application

  • 1. Agents must be at least 18 years old to apply for the program.
  • 2. To apply, the agent must submit accurate and complete information through the official 777Color website.
  • 3. Agents are responsible for ensuring the authenticity of the provided information and must update any changes promptly.
  • 4. Incomplete or inaccurate applications may lead to delays in processing or rejection.
  • 5. 777Color reserves the right to accept or reject any application at its discretion.

Agency general rules & requirements

  • 1. Affiliate commissions range from 30% to 50%, depending on the number of your monthly active players and their net losses.
  • 2. NGR Commissions are calculated on a monthly basis.
  • 3. To qualify for commission calculation, you need a minimum of 2 deposited and active players each month.
  • 4. An active player is defined as someone who makes a deposit and plays, with a minimum deposit & turnover of 100 required to be counted as active.
  • 5. A 16% to between 22% deduction from the player’s profit and loss is allocated for operation costs.
  • 6. Deductions may be made from your revenue share if your players are involved in collusion or fraudulent activities, at the discretion of the 777Color..
  • 7. Commissions can be withdrawn no later than noon on the third day after system settlement.
  • 8. Negative balances will not carried over to the next settlement period.

Terms & conditions

  • 1. Affiliate shall not register dual/multi-agent accounts without the permission of 777color ,and earn commissions from the related accounts.
  • 2. In order to protect the privacy and rights of all 777color member accounts , 777color will not provide any member password or member personal information. Agent at all levels may not obtain member information in any way , or log in to downline member accounts arbitrarily. If it is found that the agent violates the privacy of 777color members, 777color reserves the right to cancel the agent bonus and cancel the agent account.
  • 3. The number of player accounts created by an agent shall not duplicate and exceed one for every single member. 777color reserves the right to require members to provide valid identification to verify membership, and has the right to judge whether there are duplicate members through IP. In case of violation of the above provisions, 777color has the right to terminate the player's game and seal the account and all commissions earned in the game.
  • 4. If a member of the agent is prohibited from enjoying 777color's games due to violations or 777color refunds the deposit to the member, 777color will not allocate the corresponding commission to the agent. If the e-wallet and bank information used by the agent members need to be reviewed, 777color will withhold the relevant commission until the review is completed.

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